Tuesday, September 25, 2018

the friend group i've prayed for

my whole life i've wanted a friend group that would always be there for each other through everything, genuinely loved each other, and be constant encouragers. during high school, i prayed every night that Jesus would bring me a friend group that portrayed these qualities and wouldnt be such surface level friendships. little did i know that Jesus had this exact plan for my life and brought them to me at the exact place i needed them.

i never would have guessed that i would be in college today with the exact friend group i prayed for all of those years and they were right in front of me the whole time. i joke and say that it just took us all moving to alabama to become such close friends, but honestly that's the plan that Jesus had for each one of our lives. i've had such surface level friendships in the past when i truly was craving deeper friendships that actually meant something and would last though the good times and bad times. it was frustrating for me in high school when i tried to cultivate deeper friendships and the friend would just distance themselves and just want to go through life on cruise control with no end purpose or goal.

let me tell you a little bit about this amazing friend group i have now because honestly i dont know how i got so lucky. there's 6 of us: sidney, emma, grace, mack, and ally! sidney, emma, and i all went to the same high school but were never that close of friends. we had so many mutual friends but i never had a class with them so i blame it all on our schedules for the fact that we weren't friends sooner :) grace and mack also went to our rival high school right down the street and we've since made connections that we've all probably seen each other before coming to college and just never knew it. how crazy is it that we've all lived in the same county and were just never all friends together! we met our friend ally through our sorority (five of us are in aoii and sweet emma is a phi mu!!) she's from alabama and we all love her with our whole heart. these girls mean so much to me and i honestly don't think that the first month of college would've gone this smooth without these girls by my side.

we've all cried together, laughed way too much, and spilled our hearts out to one another being so vulnerable. this is exactly what i've prayed for all these years and i still can't comprehend that it's actually happened and that we're all at college together and get to live life everyday with each other, each one of these girls has such a special gift and we all bring different ideas to the table that just mix together and it works for us. we've only been a friend group for a month, yet we're so close that people think we've been friends for years! i have so many memories with these girls, but i wanted to share 2 of them today.

i wrote a whole post about rush week, but when all of us got our schedules back we were disappointed and we just all sat together and cried. it was such a raw and vulnerable time and we just welcomed all the brokenness into the room and our hearts and dropped everything to be there for each other. i've never cried in front of anyone but my parents before and i felt so comfortable being that vulnerable with these girls. we had a little worship session right after with just us, a guitar, and Jesus. the other memory that i will always remember is when i was having a bad day last week and i just shared my heart with them, explaining how i was feeling and where i was at in life. they all got on the bed with me and just prayed over me. i have never in my life had someone to sit there and pray over me and in this moment i had 5 other girls coming to Jesus with me and helping me turn it all over to Him. this is what i knew i wanted and what i had been missing out on for so long. honestly, every day i think to myself "what did i do to deserve these people?" and i just remember that theyre a gift from Jesus. 

i am truly thankful for these people and will never be able to express just how thankful i am. i've never laughed more with a group of people, seen mack fall so many times, hear grace say "hi hungry i'm grace" at least three times a day, or see sidney scream the whole car ride to get tattoos. these little things i will forever be thankful for and i will be so proud to tell my kids about them one day. 

thank you Jesus for these people