Tuesday, September 11, 2018

rush week is convicting

wow. there's no other word to describe how i'm feeling about rush week. it was the best, most nerve wracking week of my life and honestly, i wouldn't change it for the world. this past week i have grown more as a person than i could have imagined and i just know that i'm going to grow with my sisters over the next four years.
let me start off by saying that this is a very vulnerable post as i had a slew of emotions during this week, but i prospered from all of it for a reason. God knew that i needed to learn some lessons in my life and He picked rush week to teach me a few of them. i started off the week being on such a high point full of excitement and no nerves which i was honestly proud of myself for not being nervous about this whole thing. i have always been a more introverted person, but after senior year i really became such an extrovert. God works in mysterious ways, am i right? 

i wasn't too familiar with the whole rush process so i was honestly excited and eager to finally go through it myself. i had been waiting for this week for what seemed like my whole life. I had heard countless stories from girls who rushed in previous years saying that it was the best week and that loved their new sisters and i just craved that feeling.

this week taught me a lot though. after the first day of rush you had to be dropped by at least 2 houses before the next round. for some people this worked out well and for others they were crushed by their results. i heard someone say that the first day you are dropped is described as your whole hall is going through a breakup at the same time. there are tons of girls that are crying, angry, confused, and some even drop the entire process. my friends and i were the girls who cried when we received our results. i'm thankful for this though because we were so vulnerable with one another as we sat in the same bed holding each other while spilling the emotions we were feeling. i've never cried in front of my friends before, so to see how well they reacted and how they comforted me through it all just made the whole week worth it. we're always there for each other willing to drop everything if someone needs help. i needed those core friends and through a rocky week, we found each other and that's always something worth celebrating.

i also learned to trust the process because God's hand is in everything. ive heard this my whole life but i truly experience it this week for the first time. i was relying on only Him to get me through the bad time but also the good times. i was turning to Him for comfort, but also turning to Him to rejoice. this lesson was so needed in my life and i didn't even know it before this week. i truly saw His hand in every single moment this week and with that i had so much peace. i knew everything was going to turn out exactly as He had planned (especially since it was different than my expectations) and it all came full circle. i am exactly where i need to be and He has His hand on me guiding every step that i take. even though this week was so stressful, i couldnt be happier with the way it turned out!!

gotta go alpha o !!!