Saturday, September 8, 2018

first week of college

hello everyone!! im so excited to be writing another blog post because life has been very crazy (to say the least) this past week. anyways, its official! i moved into college! this has been the most overwhelming, but most rewarding week of my life. eeeep cant believe its finally real!
we started the week out by moving into our dorm. i am so happy with the way it turned out and i cant wait to fill it with so many memories this school year. 
college is just a really weird thing in my opinion. i almost feel like im just away at summer camp or just live in the same neighborhood with all my friends. i dont think its truly hit me that this is my new home for the next four years. i also dont want it to end because this place has just been too good to me already. i have honestly had the best time here. i really thought it would take a while to get adjusted to the college life but i feel like i picked up where i left off. that may not make any sense at all, but i know that this place was the right choice because everything feels so natural. 
during our connections weekend we had a concert on the quad! matt kearney came to perform (so cool!) so we picked up some dinner and just hung out on the quad all night. the next day we had our first day of classes so i opted to sleep early since i had an 8am the next day. personally, i really dont mind having an 8am class! i heard from tons of people not to take them but i would rather get up early and start my day than have classes later in the day. i genuinely love all of my classes and cannot complain about my professors. samford just feels so much like home in one short week. 

there's so much i want to update on, but im not sure if anyone is interested in hearing about college life. i started sorority recruitment this week so i guess that will be another update soon! it's really been teaching me alot about patience and trusting in God's ultimate plan. i hope y'all have enjoyed reading a quick piece of my college life so far and i just cant wait to see how the rest of the year turns out!!