Monday, June 11, 2018

Bulldog Days Orientation !! #collegewithreagan

hey friends (+ family)! I'm so excited for this because its officially my first #collegewithreagan post!! I'm trying my best to update family + friends about my college experiences with these posts, so here we go! One week ago today I started the first day of my college orientation and was so ecstatic about it. My orientation was two days and we spent one night in a dorm room in which I stayed with my roommate for next year, Olivia. 

^^(here's olivia :)) We were honestly only in the dorm for about 7 hours to sleep and that was all the time we had for it. The first day I woke up at 6am and didn't go to sleep until midnight because the whole day was packed with different meetings, q+a sessions, meals, and lots of walking. That picture at the very top of this post is my OL group (#3 is obviously the best group) where we stayed with each other for a few of the sessions to make them a little more personal and really get to know the people in our group. I ended up meeting tons of people through my OL group and through others which was such a blessing! 

Here's a quick picture I took while walking with my OL group to the different sessions! We had sessions on greek life, campus life, residence halls, academics, your specific major, what to expect, etc. which were fun but also very exhausting by the end of the day. We finally had dinner and then headed off to campus worship where we sang and heard a few words from one of the pastors. After this, we actually headed to karaoke which was such a blast let me tell you!! Each group had their own song to sing and of course we chose some old school Justin Bieber and sang "baby." By this time of night my friends and I were honestly exhausted so we headed back to the dorms after karaoke. (If you stayed after karaoke you were able to go swing dancing!!)

The next day Olivia and I got up again at 6am and headed to the Caf to eat breakfast before we started another day of orientation. We all had a quick q+a and then went off with our majors to register for classes (by far the most stressful thing all weekend). Oh, and my friends & I also took a picture with Sam! 

We finally registered for classes & it was time to head home ;( They also gave us free froyo after checking out of the dorms so thank you Samford šŸ˜Orientation was so so fun and I'm so blessed to have met amazing people and to be going to an amazing school !! I know this post isn't too long, but it's just a quick update for ya! I also have an exciting trip coming up in just three weeks that I cannot wait to write allllll about! You're the best if you read this far;) XOXO


74 days until move-in!!!