Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Blog Series! #collegewithreagan + life update

Hello friends!! This year has been absolutely insane! The most monumental things in my life so far have happened this year and will continue to happen during the rest of 2018. I have 15 days of my senior year of high school left, 40 days until graduation, and 127 days until I move-in to college ( with my super fun roommate, Olivia). To say my life will be chaos is an understatement, but i wouldn't trade it for the world :)

So where do I begin? I guess I'll start by announcing my college decision. I have decided to attend Samford University this fall and I am so beyond excited! I had my own plan for college at the start of this year and the Lord just took it and made it His own, which as you could assume, was far better than what I had dreamed. I'm not 100% set on a major at the moment but I will probably be in Elementary Education! I'm just relying on God right now and seeing where He takes me. 

I decided to start this new blog series so that my friends & family can keep up with my life in college wherever they are! I'll be writing about my new life at Samford, some fun stories with friends, and what college (+ the Lord) has been teaching me throughout the whole process. I have this blog as a creative outlet, but it's also kind of like a journal for me to preserve all of my memories and track my growth while also sharing with anyone who may stumble upon it. If you ever have any questions or suggestions about what to write during this new series, feel free to let me know by clicking the "Let's Connect" tab on my home page! I'm so thrilled to see where this year takes me!

I also wanted to include a little life update in this post just to catch you up on what you've been missing. I have been focusing on my senior year and really stopping to take it all in and make the most amazing memories. With that being said, I am almost done and graduation is right around the corner! I get goosebumps just thinking about it because while I am ready to move on to the next chapter I also feel like I just started freshman year. These four years really have gone by in the blink of an eye. The Lord has also been growing me so much this year and I am learning to just listen to Him day by day and by doing this I have felt so much anxiety be lifted from me. If you didn't already know, I've suffered with genetic anxiety since the 3rd grade but this year it radically changed. The college process stressed me out more than ever and my anxiety was through the roof that I had to apply to 9 different schools because I was so worried I wouldn't get into college. During this season the Lord pressed these four words on my heart "If the Lord wills." These words were a game changer for me!! It brought the most peace into my life and I knew that everything was going to work out just like God had planned for me in the beginning. I've become way more outgoing and have been making so many connections and friendships with people attending my college next year and I have attended events and gone out of my comfort zone so much that I haven't given my anxiety the time of day. I do not let it control me anymore. I say all of this because I want you to know that if you rely on the Lord for every single thing in your life then it will all work out for the better. 

I know this post is so lengthy and all over the place but I just wanted to recap a little and introduce this new series #CollegeWithReagan!! If I can figure out a way to organize all my blog posts with this hashtag into one tab then I will let you know, but I'm most definitely not the best at technology. I mean really not good with it. 

Anyways, I really do hope you enjoyed this post and that you're excited for the ones to come! I am welcoming this new season of my life with fully open arms and I am overcome with joy about it! The squinty-eyed, always smiling, picking up every flower you see kind of joy!!

Much love,

(Photography by Brandy Hankinson)